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In 2023, Slow Roll Buffalo is going to be a lot more than simply cycling together in winter weather. The cycling series is expanding its horizons even further, to include a book club and snowshoeing.

Slow Roll Buffalo’s official kick-off event on Saturday, January 7 will take place at Mister Sizzle’s at 346 Connecticut Street. This will be the prefect chance to meet up with friends, learn about Snow Roll activities, grab some food and drink, and bike together in a wintery stampede.

In collaboration with Slow Roll Buffalo, we will be doing a bicycle ride and collecting donations of winter clothing, socks & underwear, baby and feminine supplies

  • Cyclists and Slow Roll supporters will gather together at 12:30pm at Mister Sizzle’s.
  • At 1pm, the Slow Roll bike ride will commence.
  • Cyclists and activists will reconvene at Mister Sizzle’s for burgers, cocktails, shakes, etc. at 2:30pm.
  • The Agents for Advocacy collection drive will take place throughout the day.


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